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3 Things I’m Manifesting For 2024

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I'm a girl who took a $300 refurbished laptop and dining room table and turned it into a 6 figure business. I now own and run ladybee & co. to help female founders be seen, be heard and get LOUD.

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Hi, I'm Becca

As the year comes to a close, I love to look forward to what I hope the new year will bring. My annual practice of honing in on my desires for the year ahead requires me to really sit with the thought: “what is it that I really want?” This year in particular, this exercise was a challenge for me. The hard truth is that ladybee has not sparked joy for me and I’m ready to make a change.

So in 2023, there are some big shifts ahead. Tune in to find out more about where ladybee is going and what I am manifesting for 2023!

[Note: Obviously if you’re listening, this episode was recorded and aired late 2022. But, truth be told, much of what I am still manifesting is the same so I felt it was still worth sharing.]

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re celebrating with friends, family and those you enjoy spending time with.  There has been a lot of change and pivots happening over here in the last few months and I’ve been manifesting and working towards an abundant 2023. In case you’re new to manifesting, it’s the “display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate. be evidence of; prove.” Thank you Google. 

I’m not shy of hard work. But I’ve worked really hard and not seen the results I want.

But in all seriousness, I am not shy to work hard – but I have worked hard and not seen the results I want. Which begs me to step back and get real quiet with myself – and honest. And ask myself “What is it that I really want?” And when it all came out – journal style with tears and all – I knew it was time to pivot and start manifesting those dreams and visions into reality. 

Hence this show. The timeliness of Thanksgiving – the end of a year where reflection is happening and opening your heart for new things is paramount.  Here are the three things:

1] New opportunities.

Not just business, but all kinds of things. I am keeping my eyes and my heart wide open for what is meant to be next for me. I recently took the Enneagram and strengthsfinder tests, which if you’re like me and you’re doing a little soul searching and trying to see what you are really designed to do – these help you understand YOU. 

But I am 3 for Enneagram which means: Achiever. For strengths finder: Number one was I’m a maximizer.  I need to step back, let go and let God. So that’s what I’m doing. I have decided to finally surrender. Word of the year is Faith. And you know what? It feels really good to let go of control and just know that He’s got it covered. 

2] Better health. 

If I’m being real honest, this year has a lot of ups and a lot of downs. I feel like I’ve been riding a roller coaster for 11 months, but this girl is about to get off. In all the ups and downs my health has taken a back seat. I’ve not worked out like I used to, I’m not eating as well, and my body feels it. I have the blessing of knowing my body pretty intimately so when I am making choices not to move it as much, or feeding it crap I know I don’t like, she responds with low energy, stomach aches, and more. 

So this year I am putting more effort once again on my health. I didn’t do terrible, but I know I can do better and when I do better I feel better. It’s priceless to me. 

3] More connection.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m still a little “shut in” from when the pandemic forced us to cut off all contact with other humans. My challenge is, I learned that I had been playing an extrovert while being an introvert and if you’re aware of what that is, the energy it takes the body to do that is pretty great, so when I got to actually rest and be my true introvert and stay inside and just work, read, be a mom and wife, it felt too good to ever go back to being a fake extrovert. Now the energy to do it is even more than before, and frankly I don’t like it. So much of my work has been done on Zoom it also feels like “what’s the point”. 

But, there is a purpose and benefit to human connection, even if it’s just one at a time. So, I am manifesting more connections either way – Zoom or in person – and not just on the surface connections, but real deep connections and conversations that allow us to be vulnerable, cry, get excited, all of it. Those humans are not always easy to find. I definitely have some already in my life, but I am open to a few more – especially those who like coffee. 

In this episode we discuss:

[4:50] the definition of manifesting
[8:22] the big change for 2023
[16:04] setting up the foundation for a better life
[18:43] where I want to spend my time in 2023

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