4 Reasons To Have Professional Photos As Part of Your Marketing Plan

As a business, you want to have the ability to share your story with potential and current consumers. There are so many things that happen behind the scenes that people would be interested in seeing. Besides actually telling your story in words or in a blog, one of the easiest ways to do that is by using photography. It is said that 65% of the population learns more from visuals instead of verbal cues or text, making the need for photography important for learning.

You may have already listened to our Facebook LIVE chat about photography last week, but we wanted to go a little more into detail about some of our main reasons that we believe in high-quality photography on websites and social media. Check them out:

Draw Them In

People are trained to look at images before they look at words, so if the image they’re looking at catches their attention, they will be more likely to see what you have to say. Photos and videos, are processed 60,000 times faster than text. For people viewing your website for the first time, this is the perfect opportunity to engage them and offer enough interest to look through the rest of your site.

Photos enable you to show your clients and customers what you have to offer rather than tell them. Consumers want to see it before they purchase.

It’s Your Stage – Tell Your Story that Way You Want

High-quality photos help represent that you have a high-quality business. If someone were to view your site and see photos that are blurry or dull, they might turn and take their business somewhere else. Your photos are the perfect way for people to discover who you are, what the company is and what you stand for. You want to be center stage by showing off what you have to offer, and one of the best ways to do that is through the photos that you choose to showcase.

Customers Want To Get to Know You – Not a Stock Image

Another reason to invest in good photography for your business is to make sure your customers get to know you. Stock photos are a great alternative in some instances, but if you can, a photoshoot with your team is most desired. People want to see you and get to know your team. If you never use images that your demographic can relate to, then it can do more harm than good.

Versatile Asset

We’ve all heard content is good king, and yes it is, good content that is. Photos are content. They are powerful and versatile, meaning they can be used for your website, social media, print, and the list goes on. It makes all marketing mediums more engaging and helps to build your brand. The possibilities are truly endless.

At Pulse Marketing, we believe in the importance of capturing the right images for your business. We work with businesses capturing headshots, team shots, project photos and so much more for your website – and of course your social media accounts!  If you need updated photos for your website and social media platforms, contact us and schedule a one-hour consultation.

Becca Feauto

Becca wants to live in a world where emails are short, love letters still exist and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.