7 Video Ideas for Content Creation

Are you deciding whether or not to take the leap into starting videos for your business? If you haven’t started yet, today would be the perfect day to start! 55 percent of people watch videos online every single day, and 49 percent of marketers who use video saw their revenue grow faster than non-video users. For many small businesses that have already made the decision to record and post videos, some of them find it tough coming up with ideas or things to say that the client would find interesting. Sometimes, they know exactly what they want to say, but don’t know exactly how to do it. At Pulse, we are the experts in content creation, and video creation happens to be one of our favorite projects to work on. Check out our seven tips and tricks (or watch our video here) of what to share about for your business:

Everyone loves promotions! Promotions not only generate brand awareness, but they also promote specific products, events or programs. When working on content for promotions, the important thing to remember is to connect with your audience and not to fully focus on the selling aspect. Tell them why they should buy your product or service and all of the bonuses that come with it. For example, some companies have a “buy one, get one free” promotion in hopes that you will buy two products and give one to a friend and that he or she will like it so much, they will go into the store and buy their own!

We’ve got a few statistics that we’d like to share you’ll definitely find interesting when it comes to social media… 72 percent of the world’s total population uses Facebook, and 79 percent of all Americans have an account on Facebook. Other platforms where you can share your posts, pictures and videos include Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Having a prime content plan is key because people want to make sure the information you are giving is truthful, entertaining and informative. These videos can be centered around a specific campaign or they can be standalone, but they need to support a broader message – make sure to write down the goals you are wanting to achieve with those who will be watching your video, and make sure you share those goals. For example, you can simply state, “Today, we’re going to talk about the power of video, and what we want to pay specific attention to is…..”. State your goal, meaning share right away your purpose for the video and what knowledge you want your audience to walk away with.

As you’ve seen with Pulse, we love recording vlogs and sharing them with you! Like we’ve shared for social media content management, we want the information we share to be informative but entertaining in order to keep your attention. Research has shown that engagement for videos is steady up until the two minute mark, and then their attention falls with every few seconds afterwards unless the information they are receiving is from a topic they find interesting. Ask your consumers what topics they would like to know more information about, and sit yourself down in front of a camera to talk about it instead of always writing up a post on Facebook about it! Vlogs also give the audience a moment to see you, your brand and your shining personality.

Have you ever wondered what a product is and wish you could see how it works? These videos give product or service demonstrations to give the audience a clearer vision of what you are trying to showcase. It sets up a problem and gives them a solution by using simple, clear language so that they don’t become confused. To create content accordingly, there’s an easy formula that can be used to nail your video; you need to personify your audience, make your customer the “hero” of the video, set up the problem, and clearly state and share how your service or product can help and be the solution.

Share Your Product or Service
You work hard and sometimes, you have to toot your own horn, and that’s what these videos are all about. These videos will serve as a place where you get to brag about your company and share why your services are different than other services in the area. It’s important to make sure that you aren’t coming off as bragging or pushy when delivering your message, so there needs to be a level of care when deciding what you’re going to tell the audience. While it’s nice to tell them why your services would help them and different methods they could follow, you should never talk down about any of your competitors. Many people will not want to work with a business who will openly talk bad about others, because what is to stop them from talking bad about you?

You can share how great your service or product is, but it’s on a whole other level when you can bring someone else in to vouch for you. Testimonials mean having a relatable person share their experience, while giving off an authentic, personal feel. Testimonials can either be in video format or can be written down and placed on your website and social media. They tend to show what challenges were being faced, the solution they found and the results that followed. We tend to find ourselves connecting with the person who is speaking, and many people would rather see someone who tried and loved your product or service instead of the person trying to sell it speaking about it. We’re not the only ones who think testimonials are important – in a 2013 study, it was found that 89% of those surveyed saw customer testimonials as the most effective content marketing tactic being used.

We’ve talked a lot about authenticity in this blog, and we’re not about to stop here, because the authenticity of your team is crucial. We are huge advocates in showing off our team and things that we do outside of the office. We want people to see us as real people, and not just the women sitting behind desks at Pulse. It’s important to show off your “why”; why are you so passionate about the things that you do? Make sure to introduce your team or your staff, and put names to the faces people are seeing every day. By creating personalized thank you messages for clients, introductions to your team, and staying genuine to both yourself and your consumers, you can show that the life and culture at your business is hard to be matched anywhere else.

If you’ve been interested in starting a video plan for your business, but are unsure of where to start or what to say, contact us today for a consultation. In this meeting, we get to learn more about you and your business goals and can get started on developing a content plan that will work for you.

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