Hi there!

I'm Becca

I am the girl who will be rooting for you from the sidelines, cheering you on, smiling (and probably crying too cause that’s just me) and loving every moment of your success, even if it’s bigger than mine. I will be the girl who is not wearing makeup to our meeting and I may literally show up in my workout clothes, but you don’t care cause you know I am there to deliver and do every time.


my Values



I believe every woman no matter her background, education, race, story, childhood, you name it, should have the opportunity to go and chase her dream and make it happen.



If you are not going to be you, the true, real, authentic you, then sorry #notsorry, we best not be friends. 



I'll be honest with you, always, but you also better be honest with me. Good, bad or ugly, that's how I can serve you best.



I 1,000% believe if you think you can't you can't, if you think you can you can and WILL do all the great things God has gifted you. Don't waste it. 

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