SURE, YOU *COULD* keep doing it your way.

But, you're probably here because you find yourself on the content creation hamster wheel. 

Perhaps you’re spending all of your precious time creating content for social, blog, email or even podcast, but when you really step back and assess, none are producing any real results for your business.

Well, that’s because most entrepreneurs spend their time creating content only to find themselves in a state of burnout and overwhelm. This means they're not consistent and their messaging....well, it's usually all over. Sound like anyone you know?  

creating content is fun.

Ready for it to be easier? 

First, we see you, we feel you, we were you. If you're still sitting there churning out content hoping something will stick, heck maybe even go viral, all that does is keep in you in state of creation chasing trends with zero alignment to your business. We have a better solution.

We want you to create less and repurpose more with intentional content to impact your bottom line. 

Because the truth is, we don’t want you on the hamster wheel anymore. It’s time to rethink how you think about content. 



Have a strategic system vs. throwing it all at the wall and seeing what sticks.


Get your time back because you have a system that you know works for you.


See your audience grow with the right people who crave your content and buy your offers.


Create from a place of flow and ease vs. frustration and overwhelm. 

this is for you

real results

"This system changed my whole workflow. I was spinning my wheels with what to create. Not anymore!"

Before I started implementing the Content Success System, I was creating content for my business pretty sporadically. And when I got busy I would ghost my audience. Now I can plan well in advance, plus have a way to repurpose everything I create. It feels so good to have that “to-do” box checked off. 

- Beth M. 

"I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.

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- monique, model


what you need

More Energy

Feel good knowing your content is done for the quarter.

better content

Create content aligned to revenue goals.


Create 90-days of content in 1 week each quarter.


Confident Creator mastermind

Spend less time and energy on your content and instead implement our 6-step system that can expand as you and your business grow. If you are struggling to keep up now, this is the time to build  your quarterly content blueprint that can grow with you, as well as set your business up to hire help at any time. Literally, she can step in and implement the system.

How's that sound to you? What if you had you content set for the next 90 days right now?  What kind of time would that free up for YOU?

Why Your Story Matters.

Week 1

We'll break down your barriers to understand why you’re not showing up consistently. I'll also walk you through three storytelling frameworks that align to your offers.

Week 2

Offer Suite & Business Goals

We'll outline your entire offer suite. Afterwards, we'll work through your next 90-day launch calendar and work backwards to create content that aligns with your offer experiences

Call-to-Action & Ideal Client Avatar.

Week 3

We'll write all of the different calls-to-action from your offers and outline your ideal client avatar in detail. We will even write a letter to her. After that, we'll walk through common objections, along with features and benefits of your offers for content creation.. 

Week 4

Your Best Form of Expression.

 We'll explore your content hierarchy based on your best form of expression. This includes making key content decisions for long form content to create your 90-day plan. 

Create Your 90-day Blueprint.

week 5

It's time to put it all together. You'll be able to plug and play your content into your blueprint with a template provided by me. Once you have your blueprint completed, it's time to create.

week 6

Build out your Content System & Implementation

The rest of the time is set aside to officially fill in your 90-day blueprint and continue to create the content for your blog, podcast scripts, social media posts and email. 

What you get:


Private Facebook group for accountability, collaboration and to catch the replays. 


Weekly Q&A to help with any of the work and implementation of the content.


High touch group coaching experience with hot seat coaching and co-working. 


A template bundle with plug 'n play templates and worksheets.

it's time to get started


After our time together is done, you will get the entire 6 week mastermind as a course.



DFY Content Templates

Get you 30-Day DFY Content Toolkit: How to Make Content Creation Easy and Aligned


Scroll-Stopping Hooks

100 Hooks that Stop Your Dream Clients in their Scrolling Tracks.


Ultimate Blog Checklist

The Ultimate Blog Checklist: 10 Must-Have Tips, Tools and Resources to Write a Successful Blog

I didn't realize how chaotic my content "process" was until I implemented this system. 

it was just what I needed.

- Nicole M., Fitness Coach

After this mastermind


+ see your audience grow with the right people

+ Get back your time because you have a system

+ create from a place of ease and flow 

+ Watch your bottom line grow with more sales

want something like that?

let's do this thing →



Are you ready to create your
90-day  repeatable content system?

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