Copywriting Tips Part 2

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – writing can be a challenge! After all, that is why we wrote the blog Copywriting Tips. But sometimes a few tips and tricks can only get you so far before you need a little more help or inspiration. So, we’re back with part 2! No matter how you feel about writing, here are a few more tips!

Make readers feel something
You can set the stage so a reader can feel just about any emotion. But it doesn’t have to tug at their heartstrings or make them feel angry so they take action or feel a certain way about a topic. If you’re having a sale or promoting a new product, create a sense of urgency so when they’re done reading, they want to go out and buy whatever it is you’re selling. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to write words in all caps and encourage people to buy NOW before it’s too LATE. It might seem a little pushy and irritating. But, you can explain what a great deal it is or why we shouldn’t wait to purchase your new product. If readers don’t feel something, chances are they’re going to look away and never think about it again.

Be clear and concise
Print isn’t as popular as it once was and people would much rather watch a video about a topic than read about it. So, make sure you keep your copy interesting, clear, and concise. Don’t ramble on about something because you’ll lose their attention. Get to the point and keep it simple so readers are able to know exactly what you want them to without it taking up too much of their time.

Tell Stories/Use Examples
Sure, you think your product is great and many people can benefit from it. But, instead of just telling readers what you think, tell them a story about a time it helped a customer. Use examples of how it came in handy and made their life so much easier. Why did they need your product in the first place and how has it helped since they got it? Use examples, or even stats, so readers will really know how useful it is and that it can make a difference.

Have a purpose
No matter what you write, it should have a purpose. It can be to inform, encourage, or explain why someone would benefit from what you sell. Of course, there can be a lot of reasons why you write, but you don’t want to do it just because. Have a reason why and what you hope it will accomplish.

So, yeah, maybe writing isn’t for everyone. But, if you focus on doing a few things when you write, you can create a great piece you can be proud of! And if it still doesn’t work and you don’t feel very confident, let us know! We’re the kind of people who love to sit down and write!

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