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Whether you’re an experienced writer or  just dabbling, we know that copywriting comes with its challenges. Heck, even we struggle sometimes (ever heard of writer’s block?) It can be tricky to use the right voice for a certain topic, find the words to make something stand out, or come up with an opening sentence that will draw people in! The good news is, there are a lot of simple tips and tricks to help you write good copy. Here are just a few!

This is an important first step, even if you are an expert in the topic you’re writing about. It’s important to be sure you have the latest information about your topic, especially if you’re writing from a position of authority on the subject. It can also be helpful to find out what other people think or are saying about a certain subject, and you might learn something you didn’t already know! You can research at every stage of your writing – starting with learning what people even what to read about!

Use your brand’s voice
Imagine your brand was a person. What would they say and how would it sound? It is key to identify this tone and use it across your copywriting. This helps strengthen your brand identity and truly makes content your own. Also keep in mind that not all writing projects have to be formal and serious. Copywriting is a great opportunity to be creative. For example, if you’re writing a blog post, have some fun and make it feel like you’re having a conversation. We know, not all personalities are witty or easygoing. But, people prefer to read something that sounds like it’s coming from an actual person, not just solid facts and information!

Organize your copy
Be sure that your reader can follow your thought process by having clearly organized copy. An easy way to organize all the great thoughts you’re sharing is by using headlines or bullets. It can be a great way to break up text and focus on different ideas (like in this blog 😉 You’ll want the text to look appealing even before it’s read. If it’s one long block of text, it’s probably not gonna get too much time spent on it. Breaking it up will look more manageable and easier to read.

Use examples
Using examples is a great tool to add evidence to your message. A good example can help if you’re explaining something new, if your topic is hard to understand, or even if you’re proving a point. Plus, having a great example means you don’t have to find just the right words to do the explaining! Pretty great, right?

Luckily, even if you don’t really like copywriting, you can still create great content! Next time you have to get something written, try doing a few of these and see if it makes it even easier for you! If not, well, we better come up with a few more tips!


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