50 Headlines That Convert

SO YOU’RE READY TO CREATE THAT POST … buuuuut, how do you start it? There is so much social content out there, how will your post stand out from the crowd? To start you need a good hook my friend, or as I like to call it, a headline. Yup, those first few lines of any social media post are very similar to a headline you’re creating for an email or blog. Many of us pour our hearts and souls into creating content, only to leave the most important part for last, the headline.

So we rush through it and post! Ta-da! I have the best post eva!

But one very large and in charge detail was done halfway. And now NO ONE is looking at it. Crickets. Silence. Ugh, so why the heck am I doing this anyway? Want the truth? The crazy truth? You should be spending just as much time crafting the actual hook/headline as you spend on the content itself. INSANE, right? Let’s break this down a bit. Think about it, what good is the perfect post if people just scroll right by without even considering reading more? Not good. Crafting a strong headline or hook with your post shouldn’t scare you – in fact it should excite you.

Look no further because I am sharing my tried and tested headlines for you take and make your own. The headlines in this guide are great for email, social and blog.