Goal Planning Workbook

Goal setting is great. But, to actually achieve your goals, it takes planning. The good news is that goal planning can be more than half the battle.

It sets you up for success mentally, emotionally, and helps you maximize your time. Most people don’t step into what it takes to achieve their goal, so they get
frustrated or disheartened when they bump into the first obstacles. Worse, they usually don’t align their schedule, habits or environment to help them.
They want their goals to happen. They think about their goals. But they don’t put enough structure in place to support them when they need it most, especially if it’s a big habit change. Sound familiar? I was so guilty of this for many years.

Well, not anymore! After completing this workbook you will know exactly how to achieve your big, reach for the stars goals! Using the 5 steps that follow, you can master the art of goal planning and exponentially increase your chances of achieving your goals through action. Goal planning done right helps you build a roadmap of activities, make proper time in your schedule, and deal with obstacles more effectively. Let’s go!