Have Some Fun This Summer With These 4 Marketing Ideas

Summer will be here soon and is it just us or is anyone else ready for the long, warm days? The new season means a break from school, vacations, and days spent outside in the sunshine. We love all of those things, but as marketers, we also look forward to summer marketing! Maybe that’s weird, but there are so many great ways you can reach an audience during the summer months. Need some inspiration? We have a few ideas!

Giveaways are always a good idea, because who doesn’t love free stuff? It’s almost guaranteed that people will participate and it’s an easy way to get some attention! But giveaways are especially fun in the summer because you can offer some great summer themed items! It seems like there’s always some sort of outdoor event whether it’s a concert, dinner, or family night. Have people like or share a Facebook post for a chance to win tickets! Does your town have a farmer’s market? Encourage people to support the vendors and offer a dollar amount to spend. Give away tickets to your favorite zoo! There are so many fun things you can do with a summer giveaway and it’s a good time to get creative and offer something people would love and only do in the summer to make it special.

We spend more time outside during the summer so use that information to encourage people to participate in a contest. Have them snap a photo of what they love to do during summer or make it even more specific like a vacation photo or a picture at their kids’ baseball game. Again, it’s a time to get creative and a promotion like this allows customers or followers to get creative too!

Open Houses
If you’ve been wanting to host an open house to show off a new product or service, host your party outdoors! Have summery food and drink available and make it a fun, relaxing event. Everyone seems a little bit more laid back during the summer months, so have some fun!

Seasonal Sales
Depending on what your business sells, have some seasonal sales! Yeah, you want the sale or offer to be enticing, but sometimes any sale is good enough to get people to buy! Summer holidays are also a great time to offer a discount. Get people to stop by around the Fourth of July or Labor Day or offer something just for dads around Father’s Day! Again, it’s a great time to have some fun and enjoy the season!

If you haven’t already started making plans for marketing this summer, start now! Try something new, get creative, or if you’ve been doing something every year, take it up a notch. How will you market this summer? We’d love to hear your great ideas!


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Becca Feauto

Becca Feauto

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