Successfully Use Reactive Media in your Marketing

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that raised over $115 million for ALS? Or the Mannequin Challenge, where everyone stood perfectly still while blasting Black Beatles by Rae Sremmund? How about the dress that almost broke the internet because people saw it in different colors? You could even take it back further to the Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, Planking, and so much more. In today’s fast-paced, viral world, popular trends are constantly changing, and businesses are trying very hard to keep up with it. 

Taking actions in your business’s marketing to respond to trends or other outside influences is developing what’s called reactive media. When done correctly, it can become an extremely creative and effective marketing campaign. But, when executed tactlessly, it comes across as being fake, which can be harmful to your reputation. Check out our tips on ways to create reactive media that will relate to your customers, keep up with the times, and show your fun side!

Internet Trends

If it’s #trending, you should #payattention. This is why it’s helpful to follow your customers on social media, in addition to paying attention to what’s going on online. There can be trends that are universal, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, that are great for any business to get involved in. Just be sure you actually follow through and donate to the cause. But, there are others that can come across as being in bad taste, or gimmicky to participate in. A good qualifying question to ask yourself before executing is “Would my customers participate in this challenge?” If it doesn’t make sense, don’t force it.

Seasonal and Holiday Marketing

There are tons of ways to creatively celebrate holidays and seasons in your marketing. For example, more than just wishing people to have a Happy Halloween, show pictures of the decorations in your office or employees dressed in costumes. Incorporate words like Spooktacular, bewitching, or Monster Mash into your content. Or, you could even hold your own trick-or-treat for discounts and deals in your store. These genuinely incorporate the holiday into what you’re doing, instead of saying you’re having a sale just because it’s Halloween, Christmas, or Fall. It shows a more genuine celebration of the occasion, instead of just using it as an excuse for a promotion. For a few more holiday marketing ideas, check out our recent Fall Marketing Blog.

Your Competitors and Industry

In addition to the internet trends and holidays that are more universally applicable, the third component that can drive reactive media is trends in your industry or things happening with your competitors. For example, if you own a clothing boutique, you may want to share clothing in your inventory that matches the latest fashion trends and how to achieve the look. This shows your product knowledge, positions you as an authority, and helps you act as a resource to your clients- which all help build your brand.

The other side of this is paying attention to what your clients are doing. Pay attention to what isn’t working for them in marketing and make sure not to make the same mistakes. You also don’t want to mimic their good ideas. Instead, see what areas you have a competitive advantage in and focus on promoting them. Also, don’t be afraid to congratulate your competitors on big things like anniversaries. Showing a good relationship helps build up your industry in your market as a whole.

Hopefully this was helpful in teaching your more about how you can successfully use reactive media in your marketing! To keep up with other marketing trends, be sure to follow us on Facebook!

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