How to Celebrate National Relaxation Day at Work

National Relaxation Day is August 15 and that’s a holiday we could get used to! Especially because it can be so hard to relax once in a while. We have so much stuff going on and we’re always on the go. But it’s important to remember that taking a break and relaxing a bit doesn’t mean you’re slacking! It’s good for your body and your mind! And we know, when we work full time jobs and then head home to families or other commitments, it can be hard to find some time to relax. That’s why we have a few ideas for how to relax while at work! While still working hard of course 🙂 

A great way to stay relaxed throughout the entire day is to have a routine. Sure, it’ll get interrupted and maybe some days are so crazy, nothing goes as planned. But if you try to stick to a routine as much as possible, you won’t be too stressed with what you have to do. Now, we’re not saying you have to do the exact same thing every single day at the same time. But you can start your day by answering emails, tackle a big project in the morning, and work on smaller stuff in the afternoon. Simple!

If you know you’re going to have a stressful work day coming up, prepare as much as possible the afternoon before. It will not only help you at work the next day, but you can relax more at home if you know you’ve done all you can to get ready for a crazy day. Then, once you get to your desk, you know exactly what you need to do and there’s no need to stress out and work frantically to get everything done and ready. 

For some people, looking at clutter makes them anxious. So, if that’s you and your desk is a bit messy (it happens to all of us!) declutter! If just the sight of your desk makes you tense, then this is a simple thing you can do to relax. Make your space a place you enjoy working in!

In the middle of a crazy busy day where you have so much to do and the to-do list keeps getting longer and longer, it might seem impossible to step away from it all. But if you’re feeling stressed, go for a walk, stretch, or workout during your lunch break or even during a 15 minute break. Some time away can help you refocus and relax. 

Stressful days are bound to happen and sometimes, you’re gonna be stressed no matter what. But, don’t we all work so much better when we’re relaxed and feeling our best? So, this year during National Relaxation Day, do something to help you relax and unwind. Even if it’s small for a short amount of time! Sometimes a little reset is all we need to push through a hectic day!

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