How to Create a Productive Workspace

Do you ever have those days where you can’t seem to get anything done? Papers and idea-filled notebooks are all over your desk, you can’t find anything you need, and has your chair always been this uncomfortable?

Plenty of us have been there before. The space we’re working in just isn’t working out. Whether it’s your desk at work, or a space at home you set up at, if it’s not an area we can work and focus in, then why bother? Okay, so we know you can’t just not work if your desk is a mess, but there are some ways you can create a more productive workspace!

1) Declutter. Maybe you know where to find everything, but it’s still all over the place and gets in the way. Or maybe you have no idea where that document is, but you always seem to find it…eventually. It might be a good idea to go through everything once in a while and get rid of items you no longer need. Make your piles smaller and tidy up! Don’t you feel better in your house after you’ve cleaned it and everything is sparkling? Feel the same way about your office! Once it’s done, you’ve already been productive! Might as well keep going!

2) Create a productive workspace is to get comfy. Is your office always cold? Bring a sweater so you’re not focusing on your goosebumps. Is your chair uncomfortable? Grab a pillow and settle in! Go for short walks so you can move and stretch after sitting for a long time. Bringing a couch to work and getting really comfortable might not be an option, but there are plenty of small ways you can be comfy while you spend time at your desk.

3) Personalize your space. After all, you do spend a lot of time there. You should enjoy it! Or even on those tough days where you don’t enjoy your job, you can at least enjoy what you’re looking at. Add pictures of friends and family. Hang a cool piece of art or get your favorite pens (sounds weird, but we all have those pens we love, don’t we?) And depending on the space you work in, light a candle or listen to your favorite music. Keep in mind, if coworkers are close, you might be making them unproductive, so use your best judgement. 😉

If you aren’t being as productive as you should be, and you don’t feel inspiration at your workspace, try these simple things! You might be amazed at how productive you are and what you can accomplish!


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Becca Feauto

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