How to Create Good Facebook Posts

Okay, so it’s no secret we think you should be on Facebook. Social media is a wonderful tool and, when you use it right, can create great results. If your posts are getting plenty of likes, shares, and users are clicking any link you post, then this blog topic isn’t for you. (But feel free to keep reading anyway!) If you’re posting fairly consistently, but only get “liked” once in a while or just can’t seem to get anyone to comment on your posts, then we have some ideas you might want to try.

Get personal
On any social media site, it can be easy to hide behind your screen and publish post after post about general information. But if you want to reach your followers, be personal. No, you don’t have to share every detail about yourself, but for a business, getting personal is a nice way to remind followers you aren’t just a company, but a person running a business. Don’t be afraid to share behind the scenes photos or a funny story that happened to you during the day. Have some fun and be open with your followers.

Create emotion
We scroll past a lot of ads, pop ups, and information because we simply don’t care. But when we see something that grabs our attention and makes us feel an emotion, it causes us to stop and think about it. With the holidays coming up, you can make someone feel joy by posting a picture of your employees decorating for Christmas or share your favorite charity to create a feeling of love or kindness.

Post good graphics
This one might be obvious, but it’s important to include great graphics in your posts. Most people will stop and look at a picture instead of text, so it’s a simple way to get more followers to look at what you have to say!

Have a goal
What do you want your post to do? Are you trying to sell something? Inform? Get people to sign up? Sure, you might have posts just for fun that aren’t asking anyone to do something. But even they can inform others of you and your business, give a sneak peek of a product, or be inspirational.

Think you’re done with a post once it’s published? That would be too easy! Make sure you follow up with any answers to questions or respond to comments even if it’s just a quick “thanks!” Again, it will make your page feel more personal and like there’s a real person behind it and not a computer.

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Becca Feauto

Becca wants to live in a world where emails are short, love letters still exist and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.