How to Get Started When You’re Feeling Unmotivated at Work

The weather is cold, Christmas Trees are popping up, and the smell of Pumpkin Spice is in the air. It’s officially the Holidays, and most of us would rather be doing anything but working. While visions of sugar plums dance in our heads and our shopping lists grow long with presents, it’s easy to get distracted. But, work still goes on, and we still have a lot to do before the New Year! If you’re in the same boat, try these easy ways to motivate yourself at work.

Just Get Started
If you feel unmotivated or like you’re not getting anything accomplished, just get started! Sound too easy? Well, it is! Sometimes, we sit and think about all we need to get done, but we don’t have the drive to get started. Maybe it’s because the task is one of those that’s not very fun, but needs to get done, or there’s just so much to do it’s daunting to even start. You might be surprised how ready you feel to work once you just sit down and get started. So the next time you aren’t feeling very ambitious, stop walking to the break room or chatting with a coworker, and begin your project! 

Start Small
If you’re dreading having to get started on a major project, start small. Accomplish one task so you’re feeling great when you start the next! If your only focus for the day or week is a big project, then break it up. Anyone else love the feeling of checking items off a list? If you do, create a list of everything you have to do for the day or for a project. Start with the smallest item and work your way up! You’ll be super productive while feeling the satisfaction of crossing an item off your list!

Get Rid of Distractions
Oh boy. This one can be a real struggle. I mean, distractions are everywhere! We check our phones just one more time before starting, or maybe your desk needs straightening and then you’ll be really productive. If that’s what you’re experiencing, put your phone away or face down. If you keep looking out the window and daydreaming, shut the blinds or turn your chair. Or you could consider changing your scenery completely. Move to a coffee shop or shared office space. If there’s something keeping you from being focused on what you’re doing, try eliminating it.

Look Forward to Something
If nothing else works to get you motivated, make some plans you can look forward to when you finish your task. Maybe it’s a coffee break, something you have planned after work for that day, or a vacation you’re taking next week. Yeah, the reason we work is to meet our personal and professional goals – not to reward ourselves with a vacation. But, sometimes when the motivation just isn’t there, something fun and exciting to look forward to is what we need to give ourselves a push.

It can be especially hard to be productive during the Holidays. But, if you do a few things to get some motivation, you’ll quickly be done working for the day and enjoying the season! 

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