imperfection in everything.


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Most women believe we have to have it all together all of the time. The reality is life is imperfect and oftentimes, messy. As a photographer, web designer, author, wife and momma to her son Cooper, [and fun fact, she is my web designer – and she’s freaking awesome] Beth Leipholz embraces the imperfections in everything. Being a mom has its own challenges and rewards, but being a mom when every move you make is under a microscope can feel very isolating. Sharing hard moments with anyone can invite judgment. 

But, that hasn’t stopped Beth. She has been an open book and shares her heart on her Instagram page of her challenges with anxiety, from learning she was pregnant 36 hours after getting engaged, to finding out her son was deaf shortly after his birth.

In this episode we unpack what it means to live imperfectly in everything we do. As mommas, wives and business owners, seeking perfection can drive us crazy. And if we’re not careful, it can cause burnout and fuel anxiety. Beth shares how she embraces her role as a business owner and mother to her son Cooper while also managing her anxiety and recent diagnosis, ADHD. 

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You can connect with Beth at @beth_leipholtz.

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