Include These 3 Things in Your Email Marketing

Our inboxes get filled with dozens of emails each day. If it’s not from a client or coworker, it’s probably from a company you’ve done business with, a newsletter you’ve subscribed to, or maybe something short and simple like a daily dose of motivation. Sure, there’s some junk in there too, but for the most part, emails are something we don’t mind getting – maybe even enjoy! We know, they can be frustrating too. Anyone else ever miss having a conversation face to face? But, the point is email is important and it’s everywhere.

Since email has become something we look at everyday, why wouldn’t you want to include it in your marketing? It’s a great way to communicate and the perfect place to share business updates, special deals, new products, and just general information about you and your business! If you take advantage of email and communicate with clients in this way, here are a few things you should make sure you’re including in your email marketing.

Good Visuals
If you send out an email with a huge amount of text, you probably won’t get many clicks. Make sure your emails include good visuals that will break up copy and make it appealing. Sure, you’ll need to do a little writing to explain, but a picture will show what you’re selling, get reader’s attention, and it will look better than an email full of text. Emails are a great place to share a video too! Plus, if they’re quickly scrolling through your email, they will at least see your photos even if they don’t take the time to read everything.

Looks Good on Mobile
With smartphones and tablets available, we read our emails on way more devices than just a computer. Because of that, you’ll want to make sure your email looks good on any device. According to HubSpot, emails that look good on a mobile device are especially important because 67% of emails today are read on a smartphone or tablet. If your email doesn’t have a responsive design and it looks bad on a phone, there’s a good chance someone will delete it right away without even seeing what you’re offering. And that would defeat the purpose of a good email marketing campaign!

A Good Call-to-Action
We get a lot of emails each day, so you want to make sure yours stands out and give users a reason to care about it. Each message you send should have a point so you’re not just becoming another email in an inbox. Create something the people on your email list will want to open.

Do these three things and you will have a marketing campaign you should be proud of!

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Becca Feauto

Becca wants to live in a world where emails are short, love letters still exist and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.