Is it Time to Update Your Website?

If you own a business, you’ve probably spent some time working on your website. But, was it a long time ago? Sometimes, it’s such a relief to be done with a big project like creating an entire website that we never want to look at it again! And, well, we get it. But 89% of potential clients research online before making a decision. Eighty nine percent! If that many people look at your site before doing business with you, don’t you want it to look good and be up-to-date? 

If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed your website, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to make sure it’s updated and ready for all of those visitors!

Is your website mobile friendly?

This is a big one. And for obvious reasons, right? After all, everyone uses a smartphone so they can look you up no matter where they’re at. But if someone finds your site on their phone and it’s not mobile friendly? They’ll probably bounce right off and not give you a second thought. So, hop on your phone right now and check. Does it work well on mobile? If not, get it changed! 

Is the information accurate?

This one may seem obvious as well, but we’ve seen too many websites with outdated information. Did something in your office change, like employees or pricing? Change it on your site as well. Since many people review online before taking any action, they’ll assume everything on the website is correct. Unwanted surprises if they do decide to do business with you may not make them the happiest customers. 

Does your website match your brand?

If you’ve updated your brand in any way (logo changes, color scheme updates, etc.) your website needs to show that as well. Your website is probably more formal and professional than your social media pages, but it can still show off your business’s personality. If you go on your site and find there’s a disconnect between your website and your brand, take some time to make the necessary changes. 

Is your website easy to navigate?

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you have a site that is easy to navigate and users can find exactly what they’re looking for. Visitors probably won’t spend too much time on your site if they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly and easily- usually 2 clicks or less. And, it all starts at your homepage. Is it appealing look at and not overwhelming? Are your services easily found? (For more information on what your homepage should look like, check out this blog post.) 

If you think your website could use an update, take some time and review it. Or we’d love to help! Complete our website audit and we’ll work with you to make sure your website is attractive and current!

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