marketing genius

It's true what they say....

we all have genius in us

Are you exhausted from running your business and trying to create the best marketing plan at the same time?

Are you are fighting the daily battle of serving customers by showing up while also trying to take on the day-to-day tasks in your business?

Because of allll the different demands of your time and energy, marketing takes a backburner, even though you know you need it. But it can take a lot of time [seriously, so much time] and let’s face it, can be very overwhelming.

Discover your marketing genius

We all know you have a marketing genius in you.

After over 15 years of working in sales and marketing we realized why we work so diligently. More specifically, we realized WHO we work so diligently for. We work for women who want to welcome time back into their day.
You don't want to spend your evening behind a computer with tired eyes and a messy bun because you haven't washed your hair in 5 days. You wan to play with your kids, cook dinner with your husband and binge a show or 2 on Netflix if you feel like it.
You, my friend, can do this! Let's work together to get unstuck and crush overwhelm, and get you the freedom you deserve!
The Marketing Genius Program helps you create a plan to streamline all of your marketing so that it aligns with your mission and business goals, all while serving your customers so you can get back to the things that really matter. 

Can you imagine...

Getting your hands on the exact thing your business needs to get a clear and strong marketing message. Our coaching program is designed to help you uncover your marketing genius and create a system that you can create and implement month-after-month, year-after-year.

These tools are timeless and can shift and flex as your business changes. Girl, we got you. Let's do this!

who is Marketing Genius for?

It's time you get proven strategies right now. I've taken what allll of what I've learned and what worked for my clients this past decade and have condensed it down into a 6 module course.

In 30 days you won't even recognize yourself, you'll be planning ahead, your graphics and videos will be done cause you will have mastered batch creation and the art of selling of content 1X and sharing it across multiple platforms. Yeah, you're gonna be kinda a big deal.

Marketing Genius is for women who want... 

Clarity stop going on a daily hamster wheel of what to post on her social media, email or blog. 

Strategy have a marketing strategy in place so she can schedule content for the next month.

Creativity wake up, look at her calendar and create exactly what she needs for the week or month.

Systems wash, rinse, repeat. She wants a system that keeps this all running like a well oiled machine. 

What's inside

In 6 weeks you won't even be able to recognize yourself.
You'll be planning ahead, have your graphics and videos done
and you'll master the art of batch creation and sharing content
across multiple platforms.

Inside of module one, you will learn what problem you solve, how you uniquely solve it and who you solve it for. Maybe you have no clue where to even start or you could tell us with the utmost detail we can all see it clearly. The goal is to get clear on who you are and who you serve.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- Writing your brand statement
- Clarity your niche audience
- Tips for bringing your "Why" into your marketing message

Module 2: customer

Inside of module two, you will learn how to create content that speaks to your ideal customer avatar. Once we get clear about your ICA, we can to write to our ideal clients. If you have no clue where to even start, we will create and embody her as a though she were sitting right next to us.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- Defining your ICA
- Picking a name for your avatar
- Writing a letter to her

Inside of module three, you will learn how to write copy that connects and converts. Copy is one of the most important skills you can master. You are always going to know your client better than anyone, so leverage your knowledge to offer a genuine connection, like you're having coffee together.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- The top 5 copywriting mistakes
- How you can write copy that connects to your ideal audience
- Key words and phrases that draw attention
- Define your brand pillars

Module 4: plan

Inside of module four, you will learn how to set up your marketing strategy and make a plan for implementation. In this module, we curate our marketing plan to include blog, social and email. You will make some decisions so you can move forward with a content plan.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- Pick your best form of expression
- Creating a content hierarchy
- Picking your top 2 social media platforms
- Decide how many times a week you will post on social
- Decide what email opt-in offer to create

Inside of module five, you will learn how to set up your marketing strategy and make a plan for implementation. Now you are ready to start strategizing and creating your marketing system. This is where all the hard work comes together into a beautifully laid out plan that can be replicated month-after-month with clear goals and action.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- Creating email opt-in
- Designing graphics with Canva
- Using MailChimp to create email campaigns

Module 6: execute

Inside of module six, you will finally map out our whole 30-day marketing plan. [Yeah!] Your next move is to get it scheduled and out into the world! I will walk you through the final steps of getting your content out into the world. Your audience will be waiting as you share new insights and lean into your best form of expression.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- Mapping out your whole 30 day marketing strategy
- Scheduling out content
- Tracking your results

No fluff approach to marketing

The Marketing Genius Program arms you with a clear easy-to-use marketing strategy that shows your audience what matters to you most, serving them and solving their problems.

The moment you join you'll get instant access to tools and templates, plus you get all the updates for life.

Girl, we got you. Let's do this!

what you get

Weekly Training

Each week you will receive a new module right to your inbox to work towards your 30-day marketing strategy with homework and support of myself and other MGP students.


Each week you will have assets that accompany the course training videos. These will be bite-sized to reinforce the training. They will fit into any schedule, no matter how busy. 

30-Day Marketing Strategy

This is the best part. You will walk away with a 30-day marketing strategy combining social media, email and blog and have the tools for the GRID system to use after the program.

I am ready to go! What's the price?

The Marketing Genius Program is in the planning and producing stage. I'm not sure if you know this or not, but creating a course is a lot of work, enjoyable work, but a lot. That's why we tested it with a small group of 1-1 students.

As we wrap up our time with the students and tweak the program, you will be notified as it gets closer to launching as a course. Our goal is to launch by Q3 of 2023.

I've been where you are. That's why I created Marketing Genius.

Hey there, in case you're new here, I’m Becca Feauto (that’s pronounced like “photo”.  I know, weird right. It’s ok, I married into it so there's not a whole lot I can do about it. I've been right where you are. When I closed my marketing agency in 2019 to open ladybee Co. I had no idea what it would become, I just knew that if I jumped and did the big thing on my heart, something amazing would happen. I just didn't quite know what that amazing thing was. I sought action to help me with clarity.

Since the launch of ladybee Co. in March 2020, I have been on a journey of complete transformation for both my business and myself. It was one of the biggest, most transformative seasons where I asked myself some really hard questions and began to use my true unique talents to serve, and that is what I want to help you to do.  What I accomplished in that time I know now was setting me up to help women just like you to keep moving forward.

I am exactly where I need to be. I've discovered my unique awesome and I want you to have that, too.


I am ready to unleash MY Marketing Genius!

Still not sure if Marketing Genius is for you? Allow us to help.

We believe that if you’re a business owner, you're a creative. We have to be whether it's our God-given talent or not. At least to some degree. Most of the time, we work with women in service-based businesses. If that’s you, Marketing Genius is for you because it gives you all the tools to unleash the creative that's within you already. Plus, you have a lovely group of women who want to see you soar my friend.

Short answer is yes, we do have a structure we will follow that includes 6 "steps" during our 6 weeks together. Each week of the program will build off from the week before so it's important to do the work in between to maximize the content and our time together.

Well, full transparency [just like our mission statement] you're one of the first to go through this course. The good news is we have done this 1-1 several times, just not with a step-by-step system in place. So, we really have done this like 100+ times, but in this way, you will be the first. 

The results we expect however are: 
--increased confidence and clarity in your marketing plan
--to save hours of time each week while sustaining a consistent and successful marketing strategy
--to build a marketing strategy system that includes social, web and email that is easy to sustain and features the right content about your business
--to build connections with other women others in the group.

This is a 6-week coaching program starting with an assessment. Before you even start, you need to know where you are. This allows you to full step into your genius and helps you glean the opportunity to learn more about you and your goals so you are clear before getting started with the program. 

You will receive a new module each week. We will also be available for 1 hour on Friday for any questions as you work though the material in the Facebook group.

Great question! You can enroll right now to get started. 

Yes! There are payment plans available. 

Any business investment should stretch you, but not break you. Your family's well-being is always more important. We absolutely believe when you pay, you play bigger. It's all about energy. That's why we offer the payment plan. We want you to be able to do, even if that means you need a payment plan. But, we get it, some investments aren’t right at certain times in your life. Know that we will launch this program a few times a year. And while the price may be different, we promise you this course will be available again, when the time is right.

Ok, I'm ready! I want to start the Marketing Genius Program!