Marketing Ideas for July 4th

The Fourth of July is only two days away so we know it sounds crazy to plan some marketing around the holiday right now. But we also know sometimes, life gets in the way – especially for small businesses! If you’ve been wanting to do something special to celebrate July 4th, but you never found the time to think about what you could do, we have a few ideas!

Have a surprise sale
If you surprise your customers with a sale, it’ll look like you planned to wait until the last minute! 😉 Decide what kind of sale you could do and offer it during the rest of the week or even just a one day sale. One of the best things about this is the marketing can be simple! Post on social media and have something up in your store. Easy!

Include a discount in an email blast
If you send out regular emails to your customers, consider adding something fun, like a discount, in the next one! Again, it doesn’t take too much planning and you can ask that they bring the coupon or mention it when they do business with you! Even if you don’t send regular emails, you can create a special one just for your July 4th celebration! It won’t take too much time and a discount is always a nice surprise to find in your inbox. 

Use the entire week to celebrate
Yeah, we know it’s already Tuesday and you’ll probably be closed on the Fourth. So when are you supposed to have a special sale or offer something great when customers do business with you? If you haven’t had time to prepare, don’t worry! Just because the actual day is coming up quickly, doesn’t mean you still can’t take advantage of it. Use the entire week or even take it into next week. Your customers definitely won’t care that they have a longer window to take advantage of whatever you’re offering! 

Give a preview of what to expect this month
Even if you can’t offer a discount or freebie to celebrate the Fourth of July, you can update your followers on what they can expect to see from you during the new month. Is something new and exciting coming out soon? Will you be offering a special sometime in the near future? You can start the month with a “bang” and get customers and potential customers excited about what’s going to be happening! 

We know how easy plans and ideas can slip away from us when there are too many other things that need our attention. But don’t let it keep you from having fun and getting in on the celebrating! We hope you have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

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Becca Feauto

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