Marketing vs. Branding

Branding and marketing. Both are very important for a business, but both very different. We hear our clients ask all the time, “What is the difference between branding and marketing?” This question comes up because most businesses use these terms as if they are one in the same. They’re not the same.  To break it down, in simple terms, branding is who you are, marketing is how you build awareness for your service. If you’re a business owner, it’s important to know the difference between the two and how to focus on each. Branding is how I feel when I interact with your business. This customer experience is for both brick and mortar stores and online. It means how you interact with me via social media, what your tone is, how you speak to me  

It’s pretty obvious what marketing is and why it’s important right? I hope so, cause that’s what we do! Without marketing your product or service, you’d just be sitting around, twiddling your thumbs, waiting for business to come to you. I don’t care who you are, there is no such thing as “you build it they will come”. You need marketing to get your product or service in front of the right people, your potential customer. We put a lot of effort into researching your potential customer and then we develop copy that speaks to them, create great graphics and seek out photos that relate to that copy, shoot awesome videos and develop social media ads targeted to your ideal customer. Then, we review the data, find what worked, tweak it, and keep going. We know we can get great results and build credibility with great marketing.

Marketing is an integral part of your brand. It helps you to communicate the promise you want customers to know about. Your marketing should also be based on your brand positioning, personality, values and tone of voice that have all been defined and communicated.

So, let’s dive into BRAND even deeper. 

Consider the brand, Nike. The Nike brand promise is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. This brand promise doesn’t even mention sports products, but instead tells us how they think and what they aim to do on a much larger scale than sports clothing and equipment. That is branding. 

Branding is so much fun to develop because it’s about creating a feeling you want your customers to experience when they do business with you. It’s more about who you are as a company, that’s why it also takes more time to develop. It doesn’t happen overnight, rather over time. Unlike marketing, which is creating a an ad with a cool sale. It’s not customer experience, it’s a customer transaction or conversion. 

Print, social, graphics, etc….that’s MARKETING.

Nike’s innovative use of celebrity athletes and digital, social, mobile and retail channels to engage with any athlete, that’s marketing. Nike’s marketing strategy is highly influenced by the brand promise and expression – and the resulting ads, promotions, communications and offers feel like they could come from no other sports brand.

We are exposed to hundreds and hundreds, of marketing messages every single day. There is no way we can receive all of them and even more, do something with that content. That would be mental chaos! So, in response, we tune out all but the most relevant ones. Our brain is actually very good at tuning out stuff that it does not want or need.

Marketing is also sorting out who your audience actually is, and then finding out what has meaning for them. What do they care about, and how does this relate to your offer? What message can you deliver that is both true and meets your consumer’s needs?

What customer experience are you creating for your customers? While it’s important to create great ads and marketing campaigns, don’t forget about the experience and the feeling you want your customers to have when they do business with you.

Want to learn more? Schedule your FREE mini-brand audit (consultation) today. This audit includes a detailed review of how the brand is represented from logo, to graphics and advertising promotions and marketing. 

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