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A few of my favorite things

I would me amiss if I didn't share these amazing products and tools with you.

If you're looking for ways to breakout into your bestest, baddest self, start here with these 2 amazing female founded brands.

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Facebook meets linkedin

Like-Minded COllective

As a business owner, you're constantly working to move your business in the right direction and create systems for scalability. That's where LMC can help!

Like Minded Collective is a tech startup on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs. Think of it as Facebook meets LinkedIn. Your job is to promote yourself and your business, plus network!

LMC is a genuine social network that encourages every dreamer, creator, and female founder to amplify their voice, build personal relationships, and thrive in business. Join us for weekly workshops, events and monthly networking events all for FREE!

Click below to sign up right now. LMC will only be FREE for a short time, so get in and soak in all the workshops and start networking right away! It's changed my business, and I know it will change yours too!

Can we take a moment?

What is a Moment Drink? It is amazing! When I started my journey to remove alcohol I knew I wanted to still find a drink that I enjoyed when I did want to celebrate a big event or holiday. That's when I found MOMENT.

A MOMENT Drink is a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and energy drinks. The drink is made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients.

I love how I feel when I have a MOMENT. It allows me to enjoy a delicious N/A drink while feeling celebratory and good about what I'm putting into my body.

Try it for yourself! Click below to start your first order.

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