Our Process

At Pulse Marketing we truly believe marketing is the heartbeat of your business; the true center of everything. It's how people feel when they interact with your products or services and their buying behaviors. We spend time each week understanding this philosophy. That's why our process is designed with your customer in mind, always. We take the time to really get to know you, your business and your customers.  


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1. Meet

First things first, we meet! Whether you already know what you want, or are still considering your options, we want to get to know you, your business and of course, what your customer wants. During the initial consultation we learn about your needs and goals, what you’re currently doing that's working ...and what's not, and what you've thought about doing but haven't yet.  Here's where we gather all the details, and yes it's a little longer meeting, but worth your time as we move forward and put a formal proposal together for you to review. 

2. Present

Next we present the best recommendations based on our meeting. Yes, we meet to share the proposal and all our ideas to achieve your goals. What we produce will be a part of your business now and we want it to be perfect for you! Once we have a plan we know will achieve your goals, we get to work!

3. Create

Once we have a plan we know will achieve your goals, we share it with you! Using information from our meetings, we start creating content, graphics and designs that will help grow your business in the way you want it to.

  • Social Media. If you decided on a social media plan for your business, we plan one month at a time. As we create content, we use information from our meeting, your website, photos and graphics created specifically for you, and anything else your followers would like to see.
  • Graphics. Need a new logo or brochure? Our experienced graphic designer will work her magic to create something that will represent you and your company. Graphics may also be created for use in your social media plan.
  • Website Design. Once we find out what you do and don’t like in a website, we work with our web development team to get started on a design. When you’re happy with it, we start on content and adding the final touches.

4. Repeat

If we’re working on ongoing projects, we’ll continue to create and present to you. Everything we complete will be approved by you first.