Plan Your Holiday Marketing Now for a Stress Free Season

Holiday Marketing- In October? That’s right! We know we’re only a couple weeks into fall, but the Holidays will be here before you know it! It’s the most wonderful, and most hectic, time of year, so it’s never to early to think about your marketing plan. You may have read our recent blog on incorporating Reactive Media into your marketing, and Holidays and Seasons are a big part of it. Now we’ll take it a step further by helping you plan for the next couple months!

The holidays are an exciting time, so you can get creative and have some fun, too! Grab some hot chocolate and let’s get started!


Start thinking now about what you could offer for giveaways and also how you plan to do them. During a Christmas Open House will the first 50 customers get something? Do you want them to interact with you on social media? Share their best Thanksgiving dinner recipe? If you brainstorm and decide on something now, you won’t be scrambling to think of something the week of Thanksgiving.

Holiday Sales

This is a good time of year to see what kind of sales you can have during the holiday season. And again, it’s a good idea to decide now what you’ll do. Will you do something for each major holiday? Or have one big sale only on Black Friday? Is there going to be a new product or service you’ll be offering? There are a lot of things to consider and ways you could promote a sale, so why not get it out of the way? That way, you don’t have to do it when you’re caught up in the hustle of the holidays. 


Another thing to think about when planning your holiday marketing is if you’ll have any promotions related to the holidays. Maybe you’ll do something for the 12 Days of Christmas or create an offer or deal for some of the things you’re most thankful for. It could be a product or service you sell or something more fun! For example, at Pulse, we love coffee and are thankful it gets us started off on the right foot in the mornings. So, we could offer a gift card to a coffee shop! This is a great way to spread the holiday cheer and you can get a little more personal with your customers by sharing more about you and your business!

Print Materials

When you think about what you’re going to do for the holidays, are there any materials you’ll need? If you plan to advertise/share only on social media or your website, it may not be necessary. But, if you want flyers, coupons, tickets, etc. you might want to start thinking about the design or where to get them printed.

Support a Charitable Cause

The Holidays have a ton of great marketing opportunities, but it’s also important to remember the spirit of the season! It’s a great time of year to donate a percentage of your sales or some of your product to a cause near and dear to your heart. Consumers also love to support a business that supports the community they live in!

The holidays are a fun time, but too often they become stressful when we have so much to do. This year, try to be stress free (or as stress free as possible) by planning ahead! If you want to learn how we can help with some of your holiday marketing, follow us on Facebook or contact us! Or if you’re looking for more ideas, here are some additional ways you can market during the holidays.

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