Client // McNaughton Plastic Surgery 

Type of Project // Website

Client Objective //Develop a website and start a social plan that helps McNaughton Plastic Surgery launch and grow a new medical practice in the Siouxland community. To achieve this, we broke the project down into two phases. Phase I was to designed to get a landing page up with the most important information. To complete phase II, we took one more month to build out the rest of the site and complete the photo shoot.

Our Plan // McNaughton Plastic Surgery opened their doors in August 2019. Offering both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, the practice has a wide array of procedures offered, as well as skincare products. In order to launch and grow this new practice, they were looking to launch a website to provide information to clients about the services offered, as well as the story behind the

Execution // In order to develop a recognizable brand for McNaughton Plastic Surgery, we developed a website that clearly educates patients. about who McNaughton is and what makes them different from other practices, in addition to creating a patient experience around their services. After a photo shoot of the staff and space, the website will reflects the professional atmosphere of the new practice and aides in building their credibility in the medical field.

Result // After weeks of hard work, the McNaughton Plastic Surgery full site was launched, attracting new patients and building brand authority within the market.