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We do so much on our computers. Whether it’s work or personal, most of us use them every day. Which means we have A LOT of information on them. Pictures, documents, marketing files, and graphics are just a few of the things you might keep on your computer. Now, imagine losing all of that. Yikes.

Many of the things you keep on your computer are irreplaceable and have many hours of work put into them. Losing them because your computer wasn’t backed up would be pretty rough, right?

To help make sure that never happens, here are some computer backup tips from Norton:

  • Backup everything on two external drives: Purchase one external drive and perform a full backup periodically. Having another backup of your most recent files on a handy USB thumb drive is also a great idea.
  • Store your data online to protect against theft, fire, and other local disasters. It’s better that you have more backups than you really need rather than the opposite. Backing up to the Cloud prevents local disasters like fires, floods, and theft from taking your files. It can also provide a handy way to access your data from anywhere. Remember to make sure the online storage is secure.
  • Set up automatic daily backups: Let’s face it, the one time you forget to backup your files manually is the day your main drive will choose to conk out on you. Setting up automatic backups will take care of this and free up some of your time. You don’t have to backup everything each time – just the most recent files you’ve touched so you’ll capture their changes.

While we hope it doesn’t happen to you, it’s always a good idea to make sure your files are backed up just in case something bad were to happen. Now, excuse me. I think it’s time to go buy an external hard drive!


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