raising babies while launching a business.


Launching a business can be scary. Launching a business when you’re about to have a baby can be even scarier. Join me as my guest Inbal Claudio shares her journey of starting a tech business while raising her toddler and newborn, and still running her other business. 

In this episode, I am talking with the beautiful Inbal Claudio, owner of Like Minded Collective – a Social Media Platform for Creators and Female Founders.

I am so excited for this conversation because we’re talking about launching something, in this case a tech business, even when the timing may be off or other things in life are happening. Because there’s never a right time to launch a business or have a baby and you did both, at the same time. 

I also love this conversation because I feel as women we think we need to choose or find some ridiculous balance between motherhood and CEO or boss and I love that we’re gonna talk about your story today and also how the two roles can blend so well together. 

Book recommendations:
1] How Are You, Really by Jenna Kutcher [I am almost done with this one and WOW, is it good!]
2] Building a Brand Story by Donald Miller
3] Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson [Read this in 2018 and LOVED it!]

Inbal’s favorite quote:
“Don’t compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 20.”

You can connect with Inbal at @like.minded.collective or at likemindedcollective.com.

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