What I Do

expertise and Creativity

I truly feel marketing is one of the most important things you can do for your business.




Social media is one of the most powerful mediums we can use. Ask yourself, are you maximizing it?



What does your website say about your business? If you don't like it, it's probably time for a change.  



This right here, content. It's pretty much my jam. It's what makes me want to get up in the morning, seriously. 

my process

It's my mission to get you the best results. Period. I am here to help women in business break through some big glass ceilings and make big strides in their business. Whether you have been in business for several years or are just getting started, my drive and passion for your success is the same.  


First things first, we meet. This is where I buy or bring you your favorite coffee and we talk all things that are working, and of course, what's not. Even better, we also talk about your big goals and all the things you haven't tried yet but secretly want to. 


Once I know all your hopes and dreams, I get to work. I get the right players in place to execute a plan to move the needle in your business. I work to put together the right plan and budget to make it happen. Once the plan is approved, we go to creative. 


Now we're to the fun part. We create. That's truly what we're all here to do. To create an experience for clients that is unlike any journey they've ever been on. It's speaking their language and creating big results for your business. 


Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Nothing any of us do in marketing will work without consistency. Here is where the hard work really kicks in. We execute and and see what our audience is responding to. Once we see the data, we create more of that content. 

social media Plans

Social Consult

We will meet regularly to review social plans and train your team, as well as propose solutions.

Silver Platter

We set up the social plan and come up with all the content, then you execute content on all platforms.

Sole Support

Together we pick a plan that meets your business needs/goals and execute a full-service social media strategy.

Tell me which plan is right for your business!

Not sure which plan is the right fit? Allow me to help.

Social Consult 

Silver Platter

Sole Support to start, then Social Consult

Sole Support to Social Consult 

Sole Support

Social Consult then a social plan fit for your needs

Sole Support

Sole Support, we’ll come office with you too!

Ok, I'm ready! Give me all the information, please!


89% of  potential clients research online before making a decision.

At ladybee my awesome web team and I develop modern, professional and functional websites that users find attractive and easy to navigate. It's always our goal to create an effective website design that will enable your business to gain more exposure for your products or services and ultimately generate sales. We work closely together to make sure you're happy with the completed project and enjoy every step of the process for that matter;
that's why it's one of my favorites!

Responsive Design

Being mobile optimized is great, but fully responsive is even better! Your new website will adopt to the size of the device of the user. This makes it easier for your audience to access your information, no matter what platform they are searching on. 

Very Easy to Maintain

I don't want you to be held hostage to me having to make each and every update. That doesn't serve your or me. I want you to feel empowered to make the changes you want. Of course, I am happy to help and will be here if you need me.

Search Engine Optimized

Google, Bing and Yahoo! all love a we make sure your content is super easy to read to help you rank better. How? We give major search engines blue prints of your website to know when you post new content.  Yes, I know. Nice of us right? We got you. 

Ahh, Peace of Mind

Your website will be fully backed up every single night, scanned for malware frequently and upgraded when software updates are available. It's the boring stuff, but we go it so you can focus on your business, cause we're kinda cool like that, and we like you.

Check out some pretty cool websites here!

Yup, looks like I need a new website.


For so many people, content means so many things, so allow me to share what we can do to support you and all your big goals.


Social Media

I love working with clients on their social media to stay relevant and consistent on social. 

Open laptop on woman's lap while she types on the social media site Facebook. There are books and magazines in the background.


How you speak to your clients on the web matters. Let's connect with your people via web. 



Print design needs to communicate support your online voice across all mediums.

georgia-de-lotz-kubiNW8MceM-unsplash (2)


Email marketing is important. Like really important. Let's add some value for your people. 

I want more information.