Simple Ways to Celebrate Halloween on Social Media

Whether you’ve been binging Hocus Pocus all month, or you forgot you need to dress up next week, Halloween is just around the corner! Don’t miss out on this opportunity for some Spook-tacular marketing! Take a look at these simple, festive ways to incorporate Halloween into your social media.

Share your Halloween costume

This one is obvious, because that’s the whole fun of Halloween right? Getting to dress up and be someone else for the day! It’s also a great way to get some engagement on your social media pages. Share pictures of your team in their costumes and encourage your followers to vote on who has the best one, or ask them to share how they dressed up as well!

Get festive

Sure you can decorate your office or store, but you can also make your social media pages festive! Change your Facebook cover photo and add some boo-tiful Halloween themed images to your pages. You can get creative with a cover photo or keep it really simple and add a few webs or pumpkins to a current photo. Plus, it’s easy to change them back once the holiday is over!  

Have a Halloween sale/special deal

Halloween may not be one of the big holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but you can still celebrate with a sale! And if you haven’t been planning one for a while and aren’t sure of how to promote it, you can keep it simple on social! Create a post sharing what the sale is and continue to add some reminder posts. There’s no need to print any marketing materials and it will be a good surprise for your followers!

Trick or Treat

Now, if Halloween really isn’t your thing, then just share treats! Your “treats” can be helpful tips and tricks, links to resources, or a video of you spreading some positivity in newsfeeds! It doesn’t have to be all scary witches and ghosts 😉 

Include Halloween hashtags

Finally, don’t forget to add hashtags to your posts. Halloween topics will be trending and it’s a good time to take advantage of hashtags! You can check out which ones are popular and use them if they make sense for your post. 

There’s a way to celebrate Halloween, no matter how much you love it or not! Have some fun and make it as simple or elaborate as you want! 

Thanks for reading! If you’re feeling extra festive, check out our blog 3 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Marketing Isn’t Scary. To see some of the fun projects we’ve been working on, follow us on Instagram!

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