Social Packs

Welcome to the pack!

It's time to pick a pack that's right for where you are right now. Hang here with me and learn more about you can leverage the power of social media for your business. I've made it easy for you, step-by-awesome-step. 


Pack one: Clarity

Let’s talk about how to go from succumbing to the social media  popularity contest and stressing about serving the algorithm overlords -- to owning your influence, sharing a snapshot of life you already love, and building your profitability through organic followers and real engagement.

I’ve packaged up my best tools and training to help you gain clarity and now it’s all yours!

Pack two: Action

I've created the exact toolkit you need to know what to post, what to say, and how to share it over the next two months. Yep, two months of done-for-you Instagram strategy to remove the second-thoughts around posting and give you the toolkit for showing up well for your community.

Get your hands on my exact process, snag 20 curated professional stock images, learn through video tutorials, and get templates to plug-and-publish for less than you spend on your monthly coffee budget. (Yup, for real!)

Pack three: Network

We spend about 90% of our time creating content, and 10% promoting it. We churn our creative gears for hours a week to create this content with care, yet it gets seen by ~maybe~ 6% of our audience. Most of our content lives and dies within 24 hours. But not anymore...

Snag my exact plan on how to intentionally create one piece of content and learn how to repurpose and promote it 10 different ways to get you results for the next 90 days! That's right, a blueprint for working smarter, not harder, so that you can create with purpose and get back to what you love.