3 Benefits of Having a Blog

We’re currently writing a blog about writing a blog… oh, the irony. Unfortunately, sometimes the word “blog” gets a bit of a bad rep. Many times, it is associated with people who sit at a computer all day and pointlessly post about every detail of their lives, no matter what the relevance. However, when used correctly in the world of business, blogging can be a very powerful tool.

Blogs can be a great way to share tips and other information that a client wouldn’t necessarily know, making them extremely HELPFUL. Wanting to provide a resource to your customers shows that a business really cares about the people it serves. It creates a sense of trustworthiness that a company is looking out for their clients, not just themselves.

Posting blog content can also show a business’s KNOWLEGDE about their field or industry, making them a reliable source of information. Clients want to go to a business with expertise, who they know will do a good job. Publishing blogs with good industry content reassures potential customers that a company really knows what it’s doing.

Finally, blogs can be a great way to GIVE INSIGHT to what a business is really like or about. Content can be longer than a social media post and more personal than the text on a website. Posting blog content that shares details about things like the mission and values of a company shows clients that they share the same priorities.

Writing or sharing blog content can be useful to businesses in almost any field. Blogs can share helpful industry-related information with new or existing clients, help to validate a company’s knowledge about their area of expertise, and can give an insight into what a business is really about. If you have questions about how to start or improve a blog for your business, contact us here at Pulse or visit us on Facebook and Instagram!

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