The Benefits of Using Video in Marketing

You’ve probably heard by now videos are a great way to market and reach your customers. People love to see them and prefer watching something over reading a ton of text about it. But we’ve said all of that before! If you’re still not convinced video can be beneficial to your business, here are a few more reasons why.

If you don’t want to jump on the video bandwagon because you feel like you’ll use it one time in one Facebook post that will soon be forgotten, we’re here to tell you you can use a video way more than once! Sure, put the video on your social media pages. But, you can also add it to your website and include it in your next marketing email. If it’s a good, quality video, it will fit right in with your website! And, like we mentioned above, people love video. When you include it in an email newsletter, you’re giving them something other than text and information! If they don’t read much else, at least they might watch your video! Videos take more time to create and they should be used as much as possible!

Another great thing about videos? They can be shared! We know, you can share just about anything. Especially on social media. But if you upload your video to YouTube, there’s a link right there and it’s perfect for sharing! Plus, it’s easy to share a video no matter what device you’re using! If your video is entertaining, funny, or just full of helpful information, you might get a lot of shares and reach a huge audience! Chances are, that won’t happen with a photo and caption on Facebook. Now, we’re not saying those photo/caption posts won’t reach a large audience, but you have a better chance at it with videos!  

Lastly, we love videos because you can use them for a long time. Oftentimes, videos have a long life and they aren’t something you post and forget about. If you create a video sharing about your product or service, that information won’t be outdated for a while. If you make a video about what customers might experience when they do business with you like a virtual tour, it probably won’t change unless your building or process does! For as long as it’s relevant, a video can be shared. Even if they are a little older, you can bring them back and share how far you’ve come in a fun way!

If you haven’t already, we hope you’re considering using videos in your marketing now because they’re such a great way to reach people! We’ve seen videos do really well for our clients and would love to help you out too!


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Becca Feauto

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