Using Google to Help Navigate the Holidays

As marketers, we’re always trying to figure out the best times to reach our target market. We want to know what they’re interested in and what they’re currently searching for. We also want to find the best platform to reach them on. And sometimes it seems like just when we start to really understand what’s working best, the holidays arrive and everything changes.

Potential customers might not be searching for what they normally do. Maybe they’re shopping somewhere they never would because they’re looking for the perfect gift. Maybe we can get a whole new audience if they’re coming in from out of town to visit family.

To make it a little easier, HubSpot has great info from their blog, Google Used Search Data to Create This Report to Help You Navigate the Holidays. Keep in mind, this data is from Thanksgiving, but you can see how much trends change during the holidays.  

Check it out to learn about what is most searched for during this time, where people go and when, popular destinations for certain days and more! With a deeper look, marketers can develop content based on the info instead of guessing what their audience is doing and hoping it will draw in business!


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Becca Feauto

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