What Does Social Media Planning Look Like for your Business?

What does social media planning look like for your business? Are you doing it yourself, posting as much as you can or just whenever you think of it? Maybe you’ve asked someone in your office to be in charge but he or she might not be the most qualified for the job. Or are you not even using social media for your business because there just isn’t enough time in your day to post and you don’t think it’d make a big enough difference for your business? We’re here to tell you it will make a difference and it is worth your time and investment. 

What does it mean for your business if you’re not on social? Curalate found that 76% of U.S. consumers have purchased a product they’ve seen in a brand’s social media post. Say that one again 76%! One simple post could be all it takes to make a sale! I know we have seen it happen!

Don’t let the fact you don’t have time be the reason. That time can mean a HUGE difference for your business. And, if you simply don’t have the people right now to do help, it is worth hiring a team of professionals. At Pulse Marketing we have several different plans and options so you can find what works best for your business. Once you decide on a plan, we start with Facebook if you’re just getting started and add Instagram later so  you’ll have a presence on this major social network. If you’re a little more seasoned, we’ll include Instagram as well. Whether it’s pointing you in the right direction or completely supporting all your efforts, we can get your social media where it should be!

Let’s start with our Social Consult plan. If you feel like you have a good start but need someone else who is able to keep up with ALL the changes that happen on what feels like a daily basis, this plan is for you. We’ll meet with you regularly to discuss what you are currently doing, share results and set goals. After that, we will discuss best practices based on the current ways to maximize the algorithm and assist in your team in creating content to help you achieve those goals with accountability built into our plan. We will also review your current social media plan and offer feedback to improve current practices.. 

Our Silver Platter plan is perfect for the company who has an employee to help with social media, but it isn’t their main focus or he or she is new to the industry and just getting started. We’ll set up your social plan and develop everything to be posted including copy, graphics, video and photos. All you would need to do is execute the content. While it seems like anyone could come up with a good post, it’s important  the person in charge of your social media uses it strategically and in a way that will boost your business. 

Lastly, we offer a Sole Support plan. This is for the business that knows how important social media is, but doesn’t have the resources or staff to create content and post consistently. With this plan we’ll take care of everything! If this is best for your business, the only thing you need to do is approve. We develop content, including copy, photos, graphics and video. After it’s developed we share with you for approval. Once approved by you, and will take care of the scheduling and posting. Easy, right?

Within our Sole Support plan, we have different support levels designed for your business needs. You’re able to choose from plans that include a few social media posts a week or multiple each day. If you need support with blog writing, video and content development, we’ve got a couple options for that as well!

We want social media to be helpful and easy for your business to execute, not a headache. That’s why we’ve created a plan for various businesses, no matter where they’re at on their social journey.

Imagine if you could finally feel good about using social media for your business. No more stressing about content, or getting frustrated when you forget to post again. Sound good? Click here for more information and be sure to check out next week’s blog to learn more about our Sole Support social media plans and which one would be the most useful for you!

Becca Feauto

Becca wants to live in a world where emails are short, love letters still exist and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.