be bold. be loud.

ladybee Co. is an online marketing company that works with female entrepreneurs and business owners to plan, strategize and develop a sustainable modern marketing system.

About lADYBEE cO.

At ladybee Co. we work with female entrepreneurs and business owners to develop a modern marketing plan that includes social, web and email to create personal and professional brands. We teach our clients our 6-step GRID strategy that harmoniously interweaves the trifecta together, creating a clear cohesive message across all mediums.

From starting humbly at our dining room table to working with clients across the United States, we believe women have a place in this world to be bold, to be loud. We believe in you! Let's build your brand - together.

What's your goal?




Using our monthly Marketing Action Plan, simply create your 30-day marketing strategy in 1 hour per week.

marketing genius


Together we build your business marketing strategy with complete clarity and sustainable systems.



Take your brand strategy to whole new level with our proven 6-Step GRID System.

our mission

To create a lasting impact for our students with proven practices and full transparency to effect real results in their business.

kind words

"I so appreciated the free value you provided on your website. While I was working with a new medical business in town I used a few different tools, your Headlines that Convert, content prompts and graphics for posting on Facebook and Instagram.  With your recommendation to post with different subject matters and using more  conversational copy resulted in doubling our total reach; increasing more people who liked the page and many more potential customers reaching out for more information." - Cheri C. [HIVE member]