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ladybee Co. is an online marketing company that works with female entrepreneurs and business owners to plan, strategize and develop a sustainable modern marketing system.

About lADYBEE cO.

At ladybee Co. we work with female entrepreneurs and business owners to develop a modern marketing plan that includes social, web and email to create personal and professional brands. We teach our clients our 6-step GRID strategy that harmoniously interweaves the trifecta together, creating a clear cohesive message across all mediums.

From starting humbly at our dining room table to working with clients across the United States, we believe women have a place in this world to be bold, to be loud. We believe in you! Let's build your brand - together.

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Together we build your business marketing strategy with complete clarity and sustainable systems.

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Learn to write copy that connects authentically to your audience.



Take your brand strategy to whole new level with our proven 6-Step GRID System.

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