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I'm a brand strategist and content creator for all things digital [that means social, email, blog] + cheerleader for all women owning their unique awesome!

About Becca

Hey there, I’m Becca Feauto [that’s pronounced like “photo”.  I know, weird right. It’s ok, I married into it.] I’m an Iowa girl who went out on a limb and started her own marketing business within two weeks of deciding with a $300 refurbished computer, dining room table and a whole lotta faith. And I say the word "awesome", like a lot. 

Now, I have shifted my business to focus on content content creation and working alongside my clients, teaching them how to do it for themselves. You know, teach the woman how to fish she'll eat for a lifetime, yeah something like that. Empowering women is kinda my jam, if you can't tell yet.

I believe in making all your dreams come true, so let's do this - together.

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Goal setting is great. But, to actually achieve your goals, it takes planning. The good news is that goal planning can be more than half the battle. It sets you up for success mentally, emotionally, and helps you maximize your time.

To get started planning for your 2022 goals grab my free for [JANUARY ONLY] How to Plan Your Personal or Business Goals in 5 Easy-To-Follow Steps.

Using these 5 steps, you can master the art of goal planning and exponentially increase your chances of achieving your goals through action. Goal planning done right helps you to build a roadmap of action steps, make the proper time in your schedule, and how to deal with obstacles more effectively. Let's go!


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hey girl, own your unique awesome

I don't mean to get all in your business [ok, I actually do] but I find that when I meet with a client for the first time, they are truly oftentimes clueless as to what they really want out of social media. It's not just about posting to post, it's about connecting to your audience. If you are in need to seeing where the heck you are even at, I got you.

Click below to take my Social Media Audit. It's not a quiz, think of it more as a challenge to see how much you really know your social media needs and what you really want. Kinda like dating, only we're not breaking up.

And you get it just for hanging out with me. Pretty cool eh?

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