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ladybee Co., like us humans, is in a season of transition. In the meantime I am still creating blog, social and email content for brands. Interested to see what I can do for you? Click below and stay tuned as I slowly unveil the new mission and purpose of this website. I think you'll like it. 

About becca

Well, hey, nice to meet you! I'm so glad you're here! I'm a writer, blogger and content creator for allll the things, and I freakin' love it! A few things you should know about me as you explore the site are:

>> I have 3 teenagers living in my home right now.
>> I'm dairy free [most of the time.]
>> I LOVE podcasting and blogging!
>> I started my sober journey on 12.23.21.
>> I am a runner and usually training for my next half.

let's explore...


the HIVE

Get immediate access to over 400 social media, email and blog prompts for only $29/month.



Hire me to write your content for social media, blog and email that will make an impact.



Listen to candid, honest, unscripted conversations about motherhood and women's health.

social media content

Your stress-free shortcut to strategic social media content.

Download one of my favorite FREE tools to help you create and schedule social media content. You will exponentially increase your engagement with these done-for-you posts. 

recent blog posts

Hey! Before you go any further, check out these recent posts! Click and absorb some good, juicy content.

the ladybee podcast

Tune in as we have candid, unscripted conversations on air sharing genuine stories about motherhood, health and mindset. Have a story to share? Let's talk about it.

tools just for you

Welcome to what I like to call, buzzworthy value, which includes some of my favorites to help you stay connected.


Binge your favorite topics. Enjoy tips and strategies for content creators, plus get insight on health, wellness and mindset. 


Download our favorite freebies designed to help the creator in get organized and inspired so you can stop scratching your head and get posting.


Grab your water, workbook and settle in for an intense hour of learning. Take good notes and soak it all in.

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