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I coach female entrepreneurs how to connect with their audience with social media marketing content strategies that create lasting results.

About Becca

Hey there, I’m Becca Feauto (that’s pronounced like “photo”.  I know, weird right. It’s ok, I married into it.) I’m an Iowa girl who went out on a limb and started her own marketing business within two weeks of deciding with a $300 refurbished computer and a whole lotta faith.

Now today I have shifted my business's mission and goal away from executing the work for my clients and started teaching them how to do it for themselves. You know, teach the woman how to fish she'll eat for a lifetime, yea something like that.

I believe in making all your dreams come true, so let's do this - together.

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About the hive membership

I have been working in marketing and social media for 15 years. A LOT has changed in that time and I've worked with hundreds of small businesses and the one of the most helpful yet demanding marketing mediums is social media. Why?

I'll tell ya. It's a very cost effective way to share information and connect with your audience. But it also means a feeling of having to come up with something to share on the daily or even more. With the other demands of running a business and managing life, most are left exhausted by the end of the day.

So that means 1 of 2 things happen.

1) Nothing gets posted, your page turns into crickets and you get mad at yourself because you've seen other people have great success getting the word out using social media; they must have some super human powers.

2) You post, but it's thoughtless, not a lot of engagement takes place and you feel like you could do better because you've seen other people have great success getting the word out using social media; they must have some super human powers.

Breathe for a minute. Maybe run off and do a little quick yoga cause I got you. You can join my HIVE for only $37/mo and get a LOT of social media content delivered right to your inbox each and every Monday morning. I know it sounds too good to be true. Well, let me tell you, it is. Just click and I will tell you more.

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Wednesday April 14

How to Beat the Algorithm 


Wednesday May 19

The 5 Biggest Copywriting Mistakes


Thursday June 24

3-Step Social Media Bootcamp

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Every week on Tuesday morning at 7 AM I share some of my top secrets when it comes to running a business with a mantra of healthy mind + healthy body =  healthy business. I share resources, ideas and bring on some experts to have a conversation around some tough stuff, but it's all in the name of helping a girl out. Won't you join us, we'd love to have you!

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