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We're a multi-disciplinary media company who believes you deserve to be seen, be heard and get LOUD.

From our humble beginnings, armed with a $300 refurbished laptop, dining room table and a whole lotta faith, we are proud to have created a business that helps female founders get their stories out into the world. We are a media company designed to help you dream bigger and get out of your own way so you can really be seen, be heard and get LOUD.

Our hunch is you found your way to our site because you are ready to start making a bigger impact with your voice and story, and giiiiirl, we could not be prouder. 

You don't have to do it alone. And you certainly don't need to hide anymore. It's time to tell your stories only you can tell to make a huge impact.

But here’s the deal, your time is NOW. And we got you.

The ladybee brand was founded on the core foundation [and even reflected in the name] of women helping and supporting each other. Whether in business, life, motherhood, health or relationships, women [lady] help each other to grow [bees pollinate to help things grow] together [& co.].

We know that no one rises alone, it takes the collective, [the & co.] to make the real magic happen. When we support each other, the outcomes and transformations are even bigger. 

Your next move

Get rid of people pleasing and perfectionism and start taking messy action. It's time to get LOUD!

the founder

Becca Feauto

I was once a perfectionist and "yes girl" that literally left me paralyzed and drowning in work that was unfulfilling.

Before business success, I had to do some serious healing and mindset work to unblock loads of doubt and comparison. Have you ever been there, held you back by perfectionism and what others might think? Or even worse, you didn't really believe you could do the big thing on your heart, the thing that keeps calling to you? If so, keep reading.

LOVES: Good Coffee, a good run, Yoga, Instagram, hubby, family, hiking, good crisp salad, sunshine. 




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a little obsessed with helping our clients. 


happiest behind our laptops, hate wearing jeans.


We splurge on good coffee, good food and good software.

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Slow mornings, time outside, deep relationships, good coffee, exploring art and really great workouts.


Hustle culture, artificial people, unproductive meetings, comparison, band-aid fixes and boring anything.

agree? we're probably a great fit.

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it's time for you to get loud

It’s time you help those you are here to serve in only the way you can. We are going to help you overcome your fear of being seen and heard and help you fully step into your talents and brilliance. BUT it all starts with you believing in YOU. Ready? We can’t wait to get started. 



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